Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Friend is a treasure

Friend is a pearl

However, I wondered...

Could a friend be a foe?

Could a friend be a trecherer?

Could they even be a poison?

Well..it depends

Time change, so do friend

Day passes, so do friend

Why couldn’t you think that a friend will not remain?

How cunning a person could possibly turn

How wicked a human could possibly be

And why on earth you couldn’t think that

A friend will become one of them?

Uuh..what a great lose I would get

If I have such friends

Back-stabbing is however the most thing I fear from a friend

The most mean things ever happen to me

But, I’m looking forward for a better friend

Friendship that contains warm heart inside it

Friendship that lighten my darkness

I still looking around to find them

But, where is my precious friend?

Perhaps they forgot me already?


They here..inside my heart

Although I was no longer beared in their mind.


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