Friday, September 30, 2011

***** FaCeS In MagAzINes!!!! *****

On 22nd September 2011,

our class was having a photo shoot for the

institute’s magazine. Like we decided earlier

on the theme of the clothes,

it would be BLACK [Like I always said…Black is beautiful!]

But black was especially for the girls meanwhile

WHITE was for the two boys in our class.

Well, this was the most awaited day during the week

b’coz I luv seeing them dress with the same colour…hehehe…

The pic/ photo shoot were conducted by

a Chinese senior student and our well-known photographer,

En. Aloha. The venue was in front the administration department.

But, before that there was a misunderstanding

that forced me to walk from the academic block

to the canteen [ b’coz I got the wrong information..hhuhuh]


3 Serangkai + Xleh nak berpisah =

Tqah (kiri), Im (tengah) & Ku (kanan)

This pic was taken while waiting for our turn.

Just before us was Math’s class.

We sat and chatting around the balcony

(Opps! Aren’t we seemed like loitering around?)

I luv the way they expressed their feeling that time.

We were really enjoying the surrounding.

No stress, no hard feeling…nothing but happiness…

Arrggg!! They looked so nice (not to mention…GORGEOUS)

in that pic…huhuhu…

Eh? It made we wonder when these three wives got along very well?

Ehemm…Tqah, Ummu and Zati…unspeakable drama in our class,

If you read the entry ‘bout IFTAR PISMP PAI SEM 1 before, u’ll get what I meant.

Arranged the chairs…this was right before we were taking our pic with our beloved

home @ class tutor. If I looked closely, the pic was like two parties that tried to

negotiate, hehehe.. [ my bad…juz pulling some legs]

See that red arrow? Pointing at someone, isn’t it?

That’s my home @ class tutor, Ustaz Hairul Azam bin Ab. Rahman.

He is a hilarious teacher, always makes us smile

and laugh non-stop! We all luv our tutor!!

Beside ustaz were our only and only

rare beetles in our class since the rest of the class

was blooming with various kind of flower (hahaha)

1 tutor + 2 beetles + 16 flowers = OUR CLASS!!

Well…this short entry is going to meet its full stop, I guess….

By the way, the photo shoots just taking not less than 10 minutes

But the result was superb!

p/s: When we are going to take the copies of pic with En. Aloha????

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss Chapter 35 Specials

Faster Than A Kiss

Chapter 35.5

[Her Husband’s Acting A Little Abnormally!?]

1 2 3

4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11
13 14 15

Faster Than A Kiss

Chapter 35.8

[Sensei’s The Main Protagonist!]

1 2 3

4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11

13 14 15


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