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The Rowdyruff Boys Z


The Rowdyruff Boys Z


1. 1. Brick is the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys,

the same height as Blossom, has orange hair,

and is an evil bully, who was even

more evil in his 2nd appearence and since that.

2. He wears a red backwards-turned baseball cap,

as compared to Blossom's bow, over short orange hair with a center part

and another one to each side, much like Blossom's hairlines.

3. He wears a red shirt with 1 black stripe in the center.

However, when Blossom kissed him, he fell to his knees,

put his hands to his face, let his tongue hang, screamed,

and glowed a bright red until exploding.

He was made out of the puppy dog tails

that ended up over the ground.

4. He is also the first to hit the girls and

helped by his brothers when he is slammed

against a trash can and beaten by Buttercup.

5. He, along with his brothers, refer to the girls as sissies

and doubts the Powerpuff Girls' powers and

expects the girls to cry with his blow. But he was in for a big surprise.

6. Quotes: " Hey, what's wrong with you Powerpuff Girls?

You're supposed to start crying when we hit you!"

7. " Word. Now let's finish those sissies!"

8>. " Huh? What the..."

9. "We're the Rowdyruff Boys, and we wanna fight!"

10. "Why don't you guys pick on somebody your own size?"

11. "Hands off. Who do you think you are any ways, Pops?"

12. "Well then, I guess we'll just have to serve it up."


1. Boomer is the second in the Rowdyruff Boys.

He has short blond hair parted in the middle. after Bubbles' style.

He also has one hair strip sticking

out at both sides of his head. His signuture color is dark blue.

2. He is very agressive, and the first to be kissed.

When kissed, he turned dark blue, screamed, and covered his eyes.

3. His elemet is snails. He seemed to be proticive over

the fact that they weren't babies, and was the faster to speak.

4. His grammer is country and incorrect, but nobody noticed.

He, like his brothers, is mean and wanted nothing more than

to destroy his female counterpart, Bubbles.

5. He wears a long-sleeve shirt, black pants and shoes,

and he has tubes for arms and legs, no stick out nose or ears,

and has large blue eyes. He explodes at the end, but appears later on.

6. Quotes: "Yeah, running like little chickens!"

7. "Yeah!" "Yeah, dude!"

8. "Hey, we ain't no babies!"


1. Butch is the black-haired,

dark green-eyed member of Rowdyruff Boys,

dressed in dark green.His elements is snips.

2. He is Buttercup's counterpart. Butch has short black

hair parted similar to Buttercup's, with a small rectangular

cowlick standing up in the back.

3. Quotes: "Good thing we had those burritos for lunch.


4. "What the...".

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