Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9 Lives = 1 life

9 lives = 1 life

1st life, we used it up to learn crawl,

To eat, walking, run and talk

Thus now, we forget what we had let behind

It was our 1st life

2nd life, we spent it on our entire time

In the kindergarten ‘till our primary school

Now, without remembering the passing time we had

We marched forward eagerly to get away from the school

Yet we forget what we had left behind now

It was our 2nd life

3rd life, we threw it in the dungeon of foolishness

Once we entered the secondary school

We sticked to the meaningless things

We even bragged for useless things

And yet we finished our 3rd life just like that

By having fun all the time

Now, we forget the 3rd life already

4th life, we had move to the higher educational level

But we got used ourselves to endless entertainment

With our friends

With our girl/boyfriends

What a waste…

Yet we ignore things we left behind again

And that was our 4th life

At the end of our studies, there will be our 5th life

We put our girl/boyfriends, friends, families

And our honourable Professor

For our graduation and achievements

But, do we remember to say

The enchanted word ‘Thank You’ to HIM?

To the One who give us all the achievements?

Maybe at last we remembered HIM

Yet we didn’t take notice and just forgot

It was our 5th life, flied away easily

6th life, we’ve grown up and mature

No longer immature lad/girl

We started to find a better way of life

So, we held responsibilities (Marriage & Work)

However, we slowly became arrogant

Didn’t want to seek helps and guidance from Him

As long as the happiness, wealthy, prosperity

And good health in our hand,

We no longer need to be worried like before

We even refused and forgot what was like being in a nuisance before

That’s how we lost our 6th life

7th life, we grew older and older

We used our 7th life by immersed

into our work and marriage (Madness)

Two and two only

But, when was the last time we touch the Holy Quran?

Where the last place we performed our Solah together at the mosque?

That was weird! We have the entire day by clinging on our client

But, no time for Him?

He is our client too, He gave us too much things

He helps us a lots!

But, why can’t we remember Him even for a moment?

We reckless creature! Ungrateful humans!!

8th life, sometimes we notice there was something bothering us

What could that be? Figure it out yourselves!

We gave our 8th life to a skinny, wrinkled old folks

Not even physical but also our souls had turned into skinny souls

Hahahah …served us right!

However, the more we got older

The more we didn’t realize that Death always be our side

‘They’ never leave us even for a second

But, then we kept spending our time by…

Talks behind peoples, told lies, rumors and whatsoever!

When we wanted to get to our sense?

9th life….the last life…

That was the time we came to our sense!

We busy learned how to recite Holy Quran

How to take Wudhu’, how to perfom solah

We’ll be start to think the time we waste for past years

How can we gain them back?

There was no such thing, you ungrateful human!

Time that couldn’t be undo will be the great regret for us,

People who have been stray from His path for a long time

But, He is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

He’ll and always accept any of His servants repentant

So, don’t be sad b’coz we still have chances to change ourselves

From bad to a better person,

To redeem our sins, to seek forgiveness

For everything we had done before

So, cheer up and make uses the time that have been left for us

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  1. The motive of this sayings are..I want to remind all the muslim & muslimah what a lost they will get if they do not use their time wisely....

    How busy are we, at least we should have our time to spend for Him..
    That's all a simple advice from me (Angah)


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