Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm A Loner

Im A loner

Smiling alone...

Walking down the street

Without any companion

Without no one else

Then, Im truly a loner!

Laughing alone...

Play around by myself

Again and again

Over and over

Then, im truly a loner!

Talking alone...

Jotted everything unnoticeable by other

Doing everything undetectable by everyone

Like being in a cloak of invisibility

No one realize I was there

Then, Im truly a loner!

Am I right to be rebellious?

Am I right to be a little demanding?

If that so, am I a loner?

I hope that one day,

therell be a space

Therell be a room

Therell be a chance

For me to appear before them

Those who neglected me

So that they will know that I was there

Between them

How I wish not to be a loner...

But then. I still...and still Im a loner

Im a loner” by Variasi Pena


Sepatah sudah mencukupi,
InsyaAllah teguran bermakna


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