Monday, July 12, 2010

~HoBbY oR DIscoVeRy?(@_@)

I discover a new well-liked and well-known hobby among my friends.. Making A blog! well it is fun at first but eventually i less spending my time for my own blog, so much different than others bloggers. They still sticked around, making story or something else..they want to share their feeling, their well-being but for me...i'm kind of...CONFUSED? What a absurd excuse? hahaha...frankly speaking..i love writing very much but the second after drawing and sketching..(^_^)

Same as the first time i met the Facebook..huh! stay over night juz becoz wanted to decorate, write something and more but nothing less from a half-interest like me..i become bored and a few month after that i deactivated my Facebook account. sound crazy or brilliance? (neither both of them....)

Then i found something else...BLOGGING! well,at least i still stick around with it ..(till this moment) to shut down,to demolish it maybe not...YET! But, it's depend on how this thing satisfied my satisfaction.
( admit it! you ARE falling in love with this little thing)...How you figure it out?? that show on my face or what??? or my writing? Oh..i'm done! i'm done!

Interest on something sometimes depend on the person him/herself. Will you get bore with something easily? seek that answer by yourselves. no one knows themselves better except for ALLAH...Allah knows everything regarding ourselves,inside AND outside.Hobby and discovery is totally a different issues here. like me i discovered something but it is not becoming my hobby. what's your own opinion? spill it a newbie in this blogging thing i have much longer time to explore and find something unusual, fantastic, amazing FOR SURE.

Talking rubbish here sometime get into my thinking. What will happen if someone ( stranger i assume) not from my friends neither my relative ( whom officially know that i have a blog )
trespassing my privacy...spread my will be the biggest shame on me or anything else? i don't know becoz i'm juz a normal human being. The human DO NOT know the future but they can predict the future. Am i wrong? i say that becoz human do what they want to do...they know what they want to do.

That 's why i'm saying human can predict the future. For example: After taking a bath i want to take a little nap.However, Allah decide whether i can sleep or not after taking a bath becoz only HIM know what is in the future. fix me when i go wrong! Have you heard this? to err is human..that means, human do make mistake but it is our responsibility to teach them, to tell them the right thing...Mind is a special gift from Allah for me. appreciate it,use it with the right way. InsyaAllah...there will be a goodness happen around us. Don't you think that way?

Oh no! i slipped from my first topic! well, my conclusion is.....i don't have any yet becoz i've got a tan story want to share with you but at another time,shall we? Either we make a discovery as a hobby or make a hobby as a discovery is depend on ourselves...Bonjour!!

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