Friday, May 22, 2015

::: EaRN a NEW fresH StaRt :::

I want to change for a better life.
I want to serve better. Much better.
I want to make my life colourful.
Starting by, change myself first.


I release my stress and tension by art.
Drawing is my passion. My hobby.
My preferences. I love drawing.
But sometimes, drawing make me thinks.
A lots.

I draw a sky. I think of the sky.
I draw people. I think of people.
I draw situation. I think of that situation.
What will I do if I get caught in that certain situation.

My imaginations come through a paper and a pen. I draw my own satisfaction.
I draw for people's smile too.
I draw my imagination.

But, then. My imagination stop.
I stopped drawing too.
I cant hold a pen without an imagination.
I cant scribble a paper without knowing what to draw.
That is my worse condition.


People dying each seconds on this world.
So, I want to leave the world with a better and the best closure.
Let's start seeking the pleasure in committed deeds to Allah.

Obeying HIS word.
Stay away from  what HE forbid.
Do things HE love... and HE will do things we love.
HE loves us more than we loves HIM.
The love we get from the world is only one.
1/100 from the love HE saves for us in Jannah.

Be proud you were born as Muslim.
Be more proud you were given chance to know Islam.

ان الدين وعند الله الاسلام....

Agama terbaik di sisi Allah adalah agama ISLAM.

I want to be a better muslimah for Allah.
A good sister fory siblings.
A good daughter for my parent.
A good wife for my future husband.
A good mother for my future children.
I want that all.


Dont condemned the words I wrote.
It were mine alone.
And will always be mine.

لا اله الا الله، محمد الرسول الله!!
الله اكبر! الله اكبر! الله اكبر!

--------------- THE END ----------------

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