Wednesday, January 9, 2013

:: Don't Do That :::

it's not what i favors
it's not what i love to
and it's not what i want
only your heart contented and pleased all i seek

It hurts me,
It makes me ashamed of myself
Keep all that sayings and phrases for yourselves, dear
and keep praying the best for me
then i truly happy

Maybe you didn't realize instead of knowing,
maybe there is someone who's their feeling hurt
 when you called out my name,
then i refused to be a part of their hatred

I did not mad,
I did not hate or pissed off,
Even if myself the one who showed and spreads them 
but only your joys and happiness that i seek.

I appreciated and thanked for all you have done for me,
I pleased and happy,
because all of you appreciated me for who i am..

Do not praise me.
Instead of me Praise Allah who give it all to me..

Do not praise me..
because i'm afraid there is someone dislike me more and more,

Do not praise me...
because i'm afraid i'll hate myself more...


  1. ilaaaa..
    so deep meaning...
    feel likes want to cry reading disss
    ne way sorry if i can't be a good3 friend for yuuu
    yuu r daa best ever i had

    : )

  2. Aien......hehe

    Xde pe la..cuma bimbang,yelah...hati org kite xleh duga..bimbang sgt3x, xleh nk describe bimbang n tkut tu cmne, only Allah knew my feeling back there..hahaha ^__^

    anyway, xde salah pe2 pom,mungkin perasaan aku je kot but still...bimbang..

  3. nothing laaa ilaaaa
    prasaan jgn diln
    t kang mkin dilayan...
    mkn sodap syaitan men cucuh
    chill keyhhhhh

    : )

    *sume tuh anugerahhhhhhhh .. tuh jee mampu ckp : )


Sepatah sudah mencukupi,
InsyaAllah teguran bermakna


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